Disc Golf Answer Man

Whether you are brand new or have been playing Disc Golf for years if you have any questions to help improve your game then this is the place to ask. Eric McCabe has been a traveling full time Pro Disc Golfer for over 10 years and is well respected as one of the best putters and the nicest guys in Disc Golf.
  1. We talk about stuff.

  2. Bobby, Eric, and Robert answer your disc golf questions.

  3. We answer questions from the YouTube chat board and talk with Eric McCabe about Emporia Country Club GBO course changes and the Facebook criticism. 

  4. Disc golf questions from all over the world answered on this episode of the Disc Golf Answer Man.

  5. The audio may not be the best, but you still might be able to get some good knowledge from the audio. 


    2019 Glass Blown Open PDGA Pro Panel


    World Champions Gregg Barsby and Paige Bjerkaas, current USDGC champion Paul McBeth, current GBO champion Eagle McMahon, current Maple Hill champion James Conrad, and the highest rated lefty in the game Zach Melton.